Joel Bradley

Joel Bradley

Joel is a Founding Member of IBP and a former international baseball scout for the Baltimore Orioles.  As a full-time baseball scout, Joel’s coverage included the Caribbean, Latin America and Asia.  He conceptualized World BaseballLIve ( a multinational baseball network), Rif Stadium Project in Curacao, as well as Project 421.  Joel leads the creative direction of IBP and is a leading voice for the formation of emerging baseball leagues to build economies and further the message of the game for communities.  His travels have forged strong relations in the international baseball community and serve as inspiration for IBP..  .


Michael Powers

Mike Powers

Mike is one of the Founding Members of IBP and a former certified MLB player agent. He is an attorney who specializes in banking, financing, and structuring transactions as well as contract negotiations. Mike has
started four bank-owned, equipment finance companies growing each to over $ 1.5 billion in assets and one to over $7.5 billion in assets. Mike will lead IBP’s legal and financing requirements related to the Rif Stadium Project. Tom is a CPA, CFO, and former Bank executive at three major banks. With over 20 years of experience in banking and financing,

Jim Duquette

Jim is an Associate Director for IBP contributing to the quality and direction of the company.   A former MLB General Manager with the Baltimore Orioles and the New York Mets,  Jim is also a well-known radio personality on MLB Radio.  He is a sought-after authority on professional baseball and the international baseball market.



Thomas Dinneny

thomas dinneny

Thomas is an executive architect at DCS Design in Vienna, VA with over 35 years of experience in project design, master planning, conceptual, schematic design, and design development. He has extensive experience designing baseball stadiums around Latin America including the Edgar Renteria Stadium in Barranquilla, Colombia. Thomas leads IBP’s architectural and project design plans in Curacao for the entire Rif Stadium Project which includes the baseball stadium but also all surrounding development (hotel, townhouses, gaming center, hall of fame).

Tom Cira

tom cira

Tom is an accomplished bank executive having served as the president of two investment companies growing each to over $1.5 billion in assets. Tom leads IBP’s financing strategies.

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