International Baseball Partners released information about its new World BaseballLIve streaming network on lMonday, September 12th .  According to IBP’s creative director, Joel Bradley, “World BaseballLive is a multinational baseball network that streams baseball content into a new Over the Top (OTT) platform from established and emerging baseball markets across the world.”   Bradley noted the original structure was the Americas Baseball Network (ABN) but interest from markets outside the Americas led to the rebranding of World BaseballLive.

“Currently, we have 15 countries from the Americas and Europe that have agreed to partner with us to bring their league content to our streaming platform. We believe the opportunity to showcase baseball outside the orbit of Major League Baseball (MLB) has value.  While we appreciate the quality and scope of MLB, we believe there are underserved baseball markets that fans would find of value. We have 15 countries that have given us their intent to partner with us and we believe before the beginning of 2023, we will reach agreements with 5 more”, noted Bradley

It was also disclosed that World BaseballLive will run a beta test of its network from two Central American baseball leagues (Guatemala, Nicaragua) this October. More information will be provided prior to thebeginning of the 2022 Winter baseball season.

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